What Do We Do?

Transformation Associates partners with motivated business leaders to envision, plan and drive the changes necessary to transform underperforming or ill-defined core business processes and functions into highly efficient operations.

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Our consulting team is comprised of successful leaders with extensive management, consulting and technology experience and a strong bias for delivering valid, pragmatic business solutions. We employ proven business process management principles to optimize processes, innovative technology to structure and manage workflows and organizational development principles to build capabilities. Ultimately, we free up employees to focus on performing the higher value-added activities that take the business to new levels of productivity and effectiveness.


Typical Transformation Engagement Scenario

A long term incumbent or newly appointed executive reports a pressing need to dramatically improve an underperforming process but is unsure how to best to isolate and quantify the “nagging feeling” that something is not running well. For example, the organization’s contact center, marketing promotion review, contract administration, project management or sales planning processes are perceived throughout the organization as inadequate. While many competing opinions exist, the causes are not well understood. Prior attempts to address the underlying issues have failed for a variety of reasons. Often, competing business concerns have resulted in the issues being put on the back burner, but now a time sensitive need to address the shortcoming exists.


Our Transformation Approach

Our transformation engagements are initiated by conducting a structured, critical assessment to identify current Purpose, People and Process challenges, opportunities and concerns. Stakeholders are actively engaged in challenging the status quo and developing pragmatic recommendations to drive the business forward. Issues, concerns and ideas are synthesized and systematically incorporated into an actionable Transformation Roadmap that concisely articulates the ideal future state vision and the prioritized strategies and tactics required to get there. We then drive the implementation of the Transformation Roadmap and guide business leaders through all phases of the transformation journey. Where technology is required to manage workflow or optimize process we build the necessary applications using our preciseSuite of transformation tools.


So What Makes Us Different?

We do not simply make recommendations and then disappear, leaving the implementation in the hands of already stretched, and in some cases inexperienced, employees. Rather we take an active role in, and responsibility for, executing the Transformation Roadmap. Our proven, pragmatic transformation methodology avoids the “pie in the sky” thinking that often derails such initiatives. Our team of self-directed and capable organizational development, process management and technology professionals deliver integrated business solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.


Are You A Motivated Business Leader?

 Before contacting Transformation Associates, ask yourself following questions:

  • Are you dissatisfied with the status quo?
  • Are you uncertain about how or where to begin?
  • Are you open to driving real change?
  • Are you looking for more than just a “pair of hands” to help address the issues?
  • Are you open to new ideas and techniques to optimize your business processes?
  • Are you willing to do what is necessary to take the group to the next level of performance?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a good candidate for employing our transformational change methodology. For additional information, please contact Paul Gillard, PhD at 908 832 6837 x106 or PGillard@Transassoc.com.

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