Our clients use emotionally charged and often very colorful language when describing the challenges they face. Most are keenly aware when something significant is wrong, but few possess the necessary experience and perspective to diagnose and address the underlying issues successfully.


Clients seek objectivity, insight, and guidance to isolate, understand, and navigate their Purpose, People and Process challenges.   


Some of the more commonly reported issues are listed below. Do any of the following resonate with you and your particular situation? 



"People are afraid to openly express their views and opinions."


"People are more concerned about protecting their turf than doing what is right for the customer and company."


"This is not the company it used to be, we used to value and respect employees."

"Recent structural changes have caused tremendous confusion and frustration - we do not know how or whether we fit into the new way of doing business."



"I work in a toxic environment  and internal and cross-functional conflict is making it impossible to get my job done."

"My manager avoids conflict like the plague"


"We argue like cats and dogs but never resolve the underlying issues."


"Conflict and tensions are palpable in our meetings"



"Information withholding is standard practice - everything, no matter how trivial, is treated on a need-to-know basis."


"Gossiping and rumor-mongering are rampant."


"Communication is non-existent, and we can't separate fact from fiction."

"We have no guiding strategy and spend most of our time chasing our tails."



"We do not have clear goals and objectives."

"My manager will not address team performance issues - their head is in the sand."

"Everyone is just "going through the motions" - few care about getting the job done."

"We don't have any performance metrics in place - all ratings are  highly subjective."



"No one takes accountability for their actions - it is a free for all."

"Timelines slip over and over again with out any consequences."

"I am responsible for everything and have neither the authority nor the resources to execute."

"My peers take no responsibility for their actions."



"I hate going to work each day - I need a change."

"Why do I keep getting passed over for promotion?"

"I don't know what my next career move is."

"I feel like I am about to get fired what should I do?"

"I just lost my job and don't know what to do next"



"I just got promoted, but I am not sure where to begin."


"I keep getting feedback that I need to be more of a people-oriented leader."

"I am now managing people who were my peers until very recently - it is very stressful."

"I need to do a better job engaging and motivating my team


"I am told I am both too close or not close enough to my team - who should I believe?"



"I work for a micromanager who can't get out of the weeds."

"No matter what I do, my manager is never satisfied"

"My manager is an abusive tyrant and I am at my wit's end."

"My manager will not address bad behaviors and poor performance."

"My manager does not know how to delegate."



"My team is dysfunctional and can't get out of its own way!"


"My team members do not trust each other."


"My team morale is low and dropping fast"


"Poor interpersonal relationships are preventing us from executing effectively."


"Cross-functional collaboration is non-existent."