Our Team

For over twenty years, Transformation Associates has guided executives and employees in navigating the many twists and turns encountered during their transformation journeys.


Some clients seek guidance in realizing organizational, process or career goals. Others seek point-in-time training to address specific competency gaps.Still, others seek skilled facilitation to help teams navigate sensitive and contentious issues in a manner that maximizes positive outcomes and overall team effectiveness.


We bring the requisite combination of consulting, coaching, training and facilitation skills and experience to ensure client goals are achieved.

"We critically evaluate the reported concerns and needs to identify the most effective engagement approach.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Design

Process Management 

Capabilities Assessment

Process Improvement

Change Management


Career Development

Emotional Intelligence

Employee Engagement

Personality Assessment

Relationship Management

Behavioral Norms

Product Conflict


Employee Engagement

Conflict Management

Performance Management

Situational Leadership

Project Management

Process Improvement

Conflict Resolution

High-Performing Teams

Change Management

Strategic Planning

Functional Planning

Goal Setting


Project Portfolio Review

Conflict Resolution