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After many successful years in a major corporation, it finally happened - you were let go! You have seen many of your colleagues "transitioned out" of the organization, and now it's your turn. Your sense of anger, betrayal, and disappointment is overwhelming. You are not sure how to behave or feel - you put a brave face on things.

One part of you welcomes being free of the corporate yolk, and another mourns the loss of belonging, status, and friendship. Emotions are swinging from extremes of happiness to sadness. Intellectually, you know that things will work out, but your confidence has taken a significant hit. 


Your closest work friends are likely supportive and genuinely want to help, but they are not sure how best to do so. You tell them you are doing well and on top of the world, but deep down, you are experiencing self-doubt and anxiety. Your work colleagues likely feign happiness for you and the "big severance package" you received. You play along. 


After a few weeks of yo-yo emotions, you decide to get back in the game - you are not ready to retire! But the rules have changed since you last looked for a job. If you're lucky, you have kept your resume current and have maintained a vibrant professional network. You tell yourself you will land a new role in no time at all. Sadly this is rarely the case. As anyone who has lost a job knows, it is far easier to find a new job when you have one in hand. 


Many people don't know how to begin and struggle through the job search process. Networking and tracking down job leads becomes a way of life, and you focus every free moment on landing the next opportunity.  As the months roll on by, you realize you need some guidance in helping identify and landing the ideal role.


Our Executive Coaches have lived through and helped others through significant career transitions. Their objectivity, insight, and guidance ensure those job-seekers identify and land the right roles.

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