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Employees who struggle to get promoted often assume that their careers have stalled and drastic action is required to advance. Rather than stagnate in their current role, they opt to "jump ship" and join another company.   In some cases, this is the right move to get their careers back on track. However, more often than not, there are legitimate reasons why advancement is not forthcoming. 


Endless self-questioning and second-guessing of past events occur when one has been passed over for a promotion. It can be very difficult to move beyond an overwhelming sense of resentment and rejection.


Employees at all levels are often blind to their professional weaknesses and the degree to which these gaps are recognized by others.  They simply have not received the developmental feedback necessary to understand and create a development plan to address their shortcomings. Their direct manager has done them a great disservice.


Five simple questions can help assess whether your career is on track or going off the rails.


  1. Do you have regular discussions with your manager about your career goals and development needs? 

  2. Have you used employee engagement surveys, personality assessments and/or 360-Degree feedback instruments to capture critical and actionable feedback regarding your development opportunities?

  3. Have you conducted an honest assessment of your goals, strengths and development areas of focus for the next 12-18 months?

  4. Do you have a written plan of action to address your development areas of focus?

  5. Have you achieved observable improvements in the targeted developmental areas of focus over the past 3 months?


If you answered YES, to all of the above, you appear to be on the right path and are managing your career effectively. Good job!


If you answered NO to any of the above, you may be at risk of ignoring, stalling or derailing your career. You may benefit from our Executive Coaching support. We will provide the objective assessment, insight, and guidance necessary to get your career back on track. 

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