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Even the most engaged and industrious employees resent the assignment of tedious and monotonous tasks. Who can blame them?  Often the situation is unavoidable, but troubling questions still abound. Why was I selected to do this? Did I do something wrong? Am I being punished? How do I get this task reassigned? We have all been there and know how it feels - lousy!

Learning how to assess and respond to these dreadful assignments constructively is critical to long-term career success. Easier said than done! 


The emotions involved are often difficult to isolate, understand, and process. Putting the pieces together to see the whole picture takes time and effort. Guided exploration of relevant situational, interpersonal, and personal factors rapidly yields significant insight and delivers actionable cognitive and behavioral adaptations. 


Contact us to hear about effective strategies for assessing,  adapting to, and learning from these lousy assignments. 

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