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  • Planning Introductory Call | Transformation Associates, Inc. |

    INTRODUCTORY MEETING Please select a 30-minute timeslot for our introductory video conference call (TEAMS). I look forward to learning more about your needs and sharing some insights about our processes and capabilities. Planning Reference Materials Capabilities Overview Planning Templates Success Stories

  • Consulting - Coaching - Facilitation | NJ | Transformation Associates, Inc

    Why Go It Alone? Engage a proven Advisor to guide you on your transformation journey. Contact Us Search Site How can we help you and your team? Management Consulting We enable executives to envision, lead, and realize the benefits of transformational change. Executive Coaching We help executives and teams successfully navigate personal, professional, and organizational challenges. Meeting Facilitation We facilitate business meetings to ensure active engagement, open discussion, and sound decision making. Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Executive Coaching | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    EXECUTIVE COACHING Realizing Career Aspirations We guide executives in navigating personal, professional, and organizational realities en-route to realizing their career aspirations. ​ Our Executive Coaches are typically engaged when business leaders face significant career setbacks, many of which directly challenge their sense of purpose, confidence, and self-esteem. ​ Perhaps the most frequently cited triggers of this self-doubt and uncertainty are the loss of a job, being overlooked for a long-anticipated promotion, and business failure. Paradoxically, starting a new position, securing the long-sought-after promotion, and achieving tremendous business success are also common triggers. Engagements begin with open discussions about skills, successes, challenges, and goals. We explore organizational and other contextual factors to understand the obstacles encountered. Various assessment instruments including the Hogan, Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0), Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), The Leadership Preferences Inventory (LPI), DiSC Profiles (Workplace, Management, Work Of Leaders), Locus of Control, and 360 Degree Feedback instruments are completed to hone in on strengths and challenges. When appropriate, managers, peers, direct reports, and customers are also interviewed. Ultimately, salient feedback themes, insights gained through the assessments, guided introspection, and extensive dialog are distilled, documented, and analyzed. We work closely with you to craft an Executive Development Plan outlining robust cognitive and behavioral strategies to maximize your overall effectiveness and realize career goals. That's the easy part! Executing the Executive Development Plan is far more complicated and requires discipline and perseverance. We provide the ongoing one-on-one coaching support and guidance necessary to do so. Motivated leaders who accept and act upon the objective and constructive guidance provided achieve significant gains in a short period. Are you ready to start your executive coaching engagement? Schedule An Introductory Call Frequently Cited Triggers Of Self Doubt And Uncertainty I Just Lost My Job, Now What... "I can't believe it, after Twenty-five years with the company, I now need to bid on my own job. I am not sure what to do or where to begin" Read More... Low Emotional Intelligence "If I hear I have low EQ one more time, my head is going to explode. I know it is important, but I am not convinced I can change - I need guidance in translating the theory into action that will be recognizable to my peers and executives alike" Poor People Skills "I always thought that my technical skills were what distinguished me from my peers. I was not prepared for the seismic shift when moving into an executive role. Now my leadership and soft skills are more important than my technical skills. I need help in developing my emotional intelligence and related soft skills if I am to be successful in my new role." Restructuring Underway "Another organizational restructuring is underway, and it is unclear how or whether I fit in. For the first time, I realize that I need to make the massive changes in my approach and attitude if I am to keep my job. I can't mess this up." Read More... Passed Over Again! "I have been passed over for promotion again, and I need to understand why. The feedback from my boss has been direct, harsh and in most cases accurate. I have significant professional gaps to address - I don't know where to begin." Read More... No Work Life Balance "Something has to give! I have been completely swallowed up by my job! While fun, exciting and engaging it is incredibly demanding. I can't continue to work 70 hrs a-week. I will be dead or divorced by the end of the year if I do not restore some balance in my life. Where do I sign up." In A Dead-end Job "I hate my job and can't stand going to work each day. Sure it pays the bills, but I need more! I think it is time to move on? I can't make the same mistake again - I need to make the right career move. I need to find a job that offers purpose and meaning. It is no longer just about the money." I Need A Career Change "I thought that getting the long-awaited promotion would finally put me in the role I was born to have. This could not be further from the truth. Rather, the promotion simply highlighted the need for a career change! I hope it is not too late for me to start the career I always wanted." Failed Business Venture "I put my heart and soul into my start-up business and lost everything! My self-confidence shot and at an all-time low. I know I need some help to get back in the saddle, but I am reluctant to ask for help - it is not in my nature." Not Executive Material "After 10 years in management, our CEO told me that I don't have what it takes to be an executive within the company. Apparently, my leadership and people skills are lacking. I wasn't even allowed to apply for the job! Something has to change - I need to do something about my reported deficiencies. My command-and-control style is not valued. I need to adapt!" I Don't Like Who I Have Become "I used to be the life of the party now I am viewed as a curmudgeonly, stick-in-the-mud. My job has taken over and I need to restore some balance. I cannot continue to be defined by my job. I need to get my life back on track." TESTIMONIALS "I was in a dark and lonely place when I first met Dr. Gillard. His guidance and support helped me become more centered, focused, and get my career back on track. I will be forever grateful." Senior Executive, Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company - ​ "Dr. Gillard helped me understand and address significant blind spots that had a significant negative effect on my career. The guidance and support were invaluable" Senior Executive, Biotech Company Schedule An Introductory Call

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    News & Events Mar 8, 2023 SHRM NJ Presentation: Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” | Presented by Paul Gillard PhD of Transformation Associates, Inc. and Valerie Santanasto/ Lurdes Borges of dancker Read More

  • Purpose Challenges | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    PURPOSE CHALLENGES Lack of vision, poor strategy and a weak culture are the hallmarks of organizations struggling with purpose challenges. Managers typically report alignment, accountability, and employee engagement as critical issues. Employees often cite poor leadership, ambiguous goals, and the inexplicable changing of priorities as significant concerns. Both perspectives are correct, to some degree. Regardless of role, the"constant spinning of wheels" is a frequent refrain across the enterprise. When employees don't know where they are going, confusion, frustration, and disillusionment predominate. ​ Executives engage Transformation Associates to help sort things out. We objectively assess the challenges reported and craft a tailored roadmap outlining the specific actions required to course correct. Ultimately, we navigate the multitude of "organizational realities" en route to creating a clear, unambiguous, and meaningful path forward for all. ​ Which of the following observations resonate most with you and your situation? Schedule and an introductory call with a Transformation Advisor to learn more. Schedule An Introductory Call Hallmarks of Organizations With Purpose Issues Lack Of Vision Companies lacking vision are akin to rudderless ships set adrift and at the mercy of the seas and the tides. While sometimes incorrectly viewed as a "nice-to-have," a compelling vision is critical to engaging, energizing, and focusing the efforts of managers and employees alike. Experienced executives recognize the importance of and take ownership for the development and communication of an aspirational vision that clearly and concisely describes the company's long term goals and values to employees, customers and investors. ​ Learn More... Poor Strategy The absence of a clear strategy for achieving organizational goals is a recipe for disaster. A good strategic plan enables an organization to focus its limited resources on the things most likely to achieve both short and long-term goals. While never perfect, these calculated bets should clearly outline organizational priorities and allow functional leaders to define their respective operational plans. ​ ​ Learn More... Weak Culture Executives who ignore culture do so at their peril and are doomed to experience long-term, negative consequences. Underlying beliefs, values, and behavioral norms are critical elements of an organization's culture. Strong cultures determine why and how things are done. C ultures evolve slowly over time and are highly resistant to change. Successful organizations ensure executives nurture and proactively shape organizational culture. Learn More... Employee Perspective On Purpose Issues Poor Leadership Executives without both good managerial and leadership skills are doomed to the organizational scrap heap. Employees look to those in positions of authority to set goals and provide clear direction. Employees intuitively understand that traditional managers strive to keep things under control and eliminate surprises and that leaders seek to drive change and realize a better tomorrow. Today's executives need to do both and bring employees along with them if they are to excel and achieve organizational goals. ​ ​ Learn More... Ambiguous Goals The absence of clear, realistic and attainable performance goals diffuses efforts and demotivates employees. Employees want clear, realistic and attainable goals. Moreover, contrary to popular opinion, measuring performance against objective and clearly defined goals is welcomed by most employees - particularly high performers. The trick is measuring both actionable leading indicators and outcomes. Good leaders give employees clear goals, the latitude to execute and the tools to gauge their performance. Learn More... Changing Priorities Frequent changing of direction without adequate explanation is a surefire indicator of managerial inexperience. The constant changing of priorities is often cited as necessary by management as they throw around the phrases such as "we need to be nimble and responsive to customers." However, in reality, more often than not, this is due to poor planning and a lack of managerial maturity. Employees want experienced leaders in positions of authority who are empowered to set the direction and priorities for their teams - not vacillate like leaves in the wind. Learn More... Manager Perspective On Purpose Issues Poor Governance Organizations lacking governance and control practices inevitably learn their importance the hard way. Strong governance practices enable effective organizational decision-making, allocation of resources and operational execution. By ensuring transparency, prioritization, and alignment with strategic business priorities, organizations maximize their probability of success. Governance should not be confused with ineffective bureaucracy; rather it must be viewed as a strong business enabler. ​ Learn More... Lack of Engagement Disengaged employees are destructive and can drag down the overall performance of teams. While it is frequently challenging, and often frustrating, managers must continuously motivate and engage employees at all levels - their success and the success of the organization depend on it. However, there are times when managers should cut their losses and release disengaged or destructive employees before things spiral out of control. The wisdom to know when and how to cut losses is what separates an average manager from a great leader. Learn More... Lack of Alignment Employees are largely rational beings and tend to act in a manner that serves their best interests when given a choice. Most successful organizations clearly articulate their values, behavioral norms and performance expectations. In addition, they ensure both functional and cross-functional strategies, objectives and priorities are aligned. All of which are reinforced by carefully designed rewards a recognition systems that ensure individual goals are not pursued at the expense of overarching organizational goals. Learn More... Each organization has its unique strengths and weaknesses - no two are identical. Canned solutions to addressing Purpose related challenges are doomed to failure. We work closely with clients to create a tailored approach that leverages their specific strengths and addresses particular issues and challenges. Are you ready to start your transformation journey? Schedule An Introductory Call

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    CONTACT US Please let us know how we can be of assistance. ​ Submit Click on the link below, if you would like to schedule an introductory call Schedule An Introductory Call

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