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    News & Events Mar 8, 2023 SHRM NJ Presentation: Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” | Presented by Paul Gillard PhD of Transformation Associates, Inc. and Valerie Santanasto/ Lurdes Borges of dancker Read More

  • Management Consulting Solutions | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    CONSULTING SOLUTIONS Transformation Consulting Executives typically follow a standard process when defining their vision, strategy, operational priorities, and organizational structure. The approach is adequate most of the time. However, there are times when transformational change - challenging the very fabric of the business or a functional area - is required to ensure its future viability. Often, these changes are dramatic and can be extremely disruptive if not managed effectively. ​ Our pragmatic, no-nonsense Transformation Advisors skillfully guide executives in understanding and addressing their critical business challenges head-on. ​ Whether focused on business strategy, organizational design, operational planning, capabilities development, workflow design, or process management, we provide the consulting and execution support necessary to realize the benefits of transformational change. Schedule An Introductory Call

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    TRAINING SOLUTIONS Pragmatic Training We offer a suite of focused training and development programs designed to improve on-the-job performance of managers and individual contributors. ​ Our skilled professionals work closely with clients to tailor training programs to deliver concise, relevant, and highly interactive learning experiences. Esoteric and academic topics are avoided in favor of practical, real-life discussions, examples, and tools that are immediately applicable in the workplace. ​ Topics include Leadership, Project Management, Process Improvement, Building High-Performing Teams, Conflict Resolution, and Change Management. ​ Contact us to learn more about our rich and vibrant learning experiences. Schedule An Introductory Call Training Leadership Project Management Process Improvement Conflict Resolution High-Performing Teams Change Management Schedule An Introductory Call

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    INTRODUCTORY MEETING Please select a 30-minute timeslot for our introductory video conference call (TEAMS). I look forward to learning more about your needs and sharing some insights about our processes and capabilities. Planning Reference Materials Capabilities Overview Planning Templates Success Stories

  • Designing Workspaces That Work And Are Worth The Commute | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    LEARN MORE Central New Jersey Paul Gillard, PhD President Transformation Associates, Inc 908-31 9-6939 Related Service Offerings Strategic Planning Executive Coaching Building High-Performing Teams Facilitation Remote Management Training New Ways Of Working Policy Development SHRM Presentation: Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” - March 8, 2023 Valerie, Lu and I appreciated the opportunity to share our thoughts on Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” with you. We appreciated the active engagement and participation throughout the session. ​ Use the buttons below to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you and your team. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Us Schedule Call With Paul Download Presentation

  • Meeting Facilitation | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    FACILITATION SOLUTIONS Active Participation Facilitating critical business meetings while simultaneously engaged as an active participant is a recipe for disaster. It is tough to play both roles effectively without unduly influencing discussions, decisions, and outcomes. That is where we come in. Our professional facilitators leverage their extensive business, communication, and interpersonal skills to ensure success. Whether focused on Strategic Planning , Functional Planning, Goal Setting, Governance, Project Portfolio Review, or Process Improvement meetings, our turn-key solutions ensure active participation, sound decision making, and clear, actionable outcomes. ​ Are you ready to engage a Professional Facilitator? ​ Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Your Business Challenges | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    YOUR CHALLENGES Our clients use emotionally charged and often very colorful language when describing the challenges they encounter in the workplace. Most are keenly aware when something significant is wrong, but few possess the necessary experience and perspective to assess and address the underlying issues successfully. They seek objective insight and guidance to isolate, understand, and navigate the specific Purpose , People, and Process challenges they face. Some of the more commonly reported challenges are listed below. Do any of the following examples resonate with you and your particular situation? If yes, take the first step in addressing these challenges, by scheduling an introductory call with a Transformation Advisor. Schedule And Introductory Call You are not alone - all professionals experience these kinds of challenges at some point. CULTURE Challenges "People are afraid to openly express their views and opinions, for fear of reprisal." "People are more concerned about protecting their turf than doing what is right for the customer and company." "This is not the company it used to be - we used to value and respect our employees." ​ "Recent structural changes have caused tremendous confusion and frustration - we do not know how or whether we fit into the new way of doing business." Learn More... CONFLICT Challenges "I work in a toxic environment where internal and cross-functional conflict is making it impossible to get my job done." ​ "My manager is out of his depth and avoids conflict like the plague." "We argue like cats and dogs but never resolve the underlying issues." "The conflict and tension within our team are palpable making it impossible to share and discuss opinions and ideas freely." ​ "Passive aggressiveness is prevalent and no one knows how to address it." ​ Learn More... COMMUNICATION Challenges "Information withholding is standard practice - everything, no matter how trivial, is treated on a need-to-know basis." "Gossiping and rumor-mongering are rampant." "Communication is non-existent, and we can't separate fact from fiction." ​ "We need to have more face-to-face interactions, enough with the emails and texts!" ​ "We have no guiding strategy and spend most of our time chasing our tails." Learn More... PERFORMANCE Challenges "We do not have clear goals and objectives." "My manager will not address team performance issues. She has her head buried in the sand." ​ "Everyone is just "going through the motions" - few care about getting the job done." ​ "We don't have any performance metrics in place - all ratings are highly subjective or based upon personal relationships." Learn More... ACCOUNTABILITY Challenges "No one takes accountability for their actions - it is a free-for-all." ​ "Timelines slip over and over again without any consequences." ​ "I am responsible for everything and have neither the authority nor the resources to execute." ​ "My peers take no responsibility for their actions." Learn More... CAREER Challenges "I hate going to work each day - I need a change." ​ "Why do I keep getting passed over for promotion?" ​ "I keep getting lousy work assignments - what am I doing wrong?" ​ "I feel like I am about to get fired and don't know what to do?" ​ "I just lost my job and don't know what's next." Learn More... TEAM Challenges "My team is dysfunctional and can't get out of its own way!" "My team members do not trust each other." "Our team morale is low and dropping fast." ​ "Poor interpersonal relationships are preventing us from executing effectively." ​ "Not only is cross-functional collaboration non-existent, we actively work against each other." Learn More... MANAGER Challenges "I work for a micromanager who can't get out of the weeds." ​ "No matter what I do, my manager is never satisfied" ​ "My manager is an abusive tyrant and I am at my wit's end." ​ "My manager will not address bad behaviors and poor performance." ​ "My manager does not know how or when o delegate." Learn More... LEADERSHIP Challenges " I just got promoted, but I am not sure where to begin." "I keep getting feedback that I need to be more of a people-oriented leader." ​ "I am now managing people who were my peers until very recently - it is very stressful and I feel isolated." ​ " I need to do a better job engaging and motivating my team." "I am told I am both too close or not close enough to my team - who should I believe?" Learn More...

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    News & Events Mar 8, 2023 SHRM NJ Presentation: Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” | Presented by Paul Gillard PhD of Transformation Associates, Inc. and Valerie Santanasto/ Lurdes Borges of dancker Read More

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