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    CONTACT US Please let us know how we can be of assistance. ​ Submit Click on the link below, if you would like to schedule an introductory call Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Designing Workspaces That Work And Are Worth The Commute | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    LEARN MORE Central New Jersey Paul Gillard, PhD President Transformation Associates, Inc 908-31 9-6939 Related Service Offerings Strategic Planning Executive Coaching Building High-Performing Teams Facilitation Remote Management Training New Ways Of Working Policy Development SHRM Presentation: Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” - March 8, 2023 Valerie, Lu and I appreciated the opportunity to share our thoughts on Designing Workspaces That “Work And Are Worth The Commute” with you. We appreciated the active engagement and participation throughout the session. ​ Use the buttons below to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you and your team. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Us Schedule Call With Paul Download Presentation

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    PRODUCTS Sort by Free Quick View Designing Workspaces That Work And Are Worth The Commute Price $0.00 Add to Cart

  • Team Coaching | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    TEAM COACHING Building High-Performing Teams While Executive success is heavily dependent upon the ability to build, empower, and support high-performing teams, many leaders struggle with team dysfunction and the resulting low productivity. ​ Teams often falter because the desired team norms and behaviors are not adequately articulated, modeled, and rewarded. One or more of the essential building blocks of cohesive high performing teams, which include trust and respect, communication, constructive conflict, commitment, accountability, is absent. ​ ​Team members sometimes struggle to navigate successfully the predictable Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and ultimately, the Adjourning stages of team development. They often encounter issues at each development stage that benefit from focused coaching and support en-route to becoming a high-performing team member. Don't let your team falter - engage an experienced Team Coach today. Schedule An Introductory Call Team Development Behavioral Norms Productive Conflict Accountability Employee Engagement Conflict Management Performance Management Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Career Challenges | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    CAREER CHALLENGES Make no mistake; business professionals at all levels periodically experience self-doubt and anxiety. Nothing brings these periods of critical self-reflection and analysis on quite so quickly as when significant career challenges are encountered. The fear of losing a job , losing a job , a lousy work assignment , and being passed over for promotion are common adverse triggering events. Conversely, positive events can also be triggering, including landing a new job and managing others who were previously peers . In challenging times, some professionals obsess over minutia and every career-related decision. Others focus exclusively on situational factors in search of answers and understanding. And still, others look internally for insight and solutions. Some coping mechanisms are helpful, and others are ultimately self-defeating. Regardless of the initial approach taken, most professionals benefit tremendously from the objectivity, insight, and guidance provided by our experienced Executive Coaches. We work closely with clients to craft and execute personalized Career Roadmaps using proven coaching techniques and targeted psychological assessments. Some of the more frequently reported career-related challenges are outlined below. Do any of them look familiar? Might you benefit from some focused Executive Coaching? Engage Your Coach Today I Keep Getting Passed Over For Promotion ​Employees who struggle to get promoted often assume that their careers have stalled and drastic action is required to advance. Rather than stagnate in their current role, they opt to "jump ship" and join another company. In some cases, this is the right move to get their careers back on track. However, more often than not there are legitimate reasons why advancement is not forthcoming. Read More... I Just Got A Lousy Work Assignment Even the most engaged and industrious employees resent the assignment of tedious and monotonous tasks. Who can blame them? Often the situation is unavoidable, but troubling questions still abound. Why was I selected to do this? Did I do something wrong? Am I being punished? How do I get this task reassigned? We have all been there and know how it feels - lousy! Read More... I'm About To Get Fired We all seek to maintain control over our careers. Organizational restructuring efforts, change initiatives, strained manager relationships, and unrealistic performance goals can challenge your sense of control and value. You don't want to be fired, downsized, or let go. As uncertainty in the job increases and stress levels skyrocket, your job security becomes of paramount concern. Read More... I Just Lost My Job After many successful years in a major corporation, it finally happened - you were let go! You have seen many of your colleagues "transitioned out" of the organization, and now it's your turn. Your sense of anger, betrayal, and disappointment is overwhelming. You are not sure how to behave or feel - you put a brave face on things. Read More... I Just Landed The Job, But Don't Know Where To Begin So you got the job and "What do I do now?" is the question foremost on your mind. At first, you ask it in jest, but after a few days on the job when pressures of the new role become ever more apparent, finding a satisfactory answer to this question is not as easy as it sounds. Read More... I Now Manage My Peers And I Am Having A Hard Time As difficult as it is to be successful in a new leadership role, things quickly get complicated when you are asked to manage those who were previously your peers or superiors. A whole new set of problems enter the manager-employee equation in these situations. Training is rarely provided to help navigate the unique and trying challenges that will no doubt encountered. Read More... If any of the above sound familiar, and you are open to critically evaluating and getting your career back on track contact us now. You will be glad you did! Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Process Challenges | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    PROCESS CHALLENGES Ill-defined business processes cause tremendous frustration and inefficiency in companies of all sizes. Employees feel trapped and have little choice but to "keep their heads down" and work within the existing process constraints - often at great personal expense. Managers usually report having a gut feeling that something is wrong, but rarely can quantify the problem. Typically they have neither the time nor the expertise to analyze, streamline the broken processes and are prone to "throwing bodies " at the problem. Adding headcount to muscle through a broken process may be a reasonable short term fix, but is rarely a viable long term solution. A more thoughtful approach is usually required. ​ What managers need more than anything else is an objective, critical assessment of the targeted processes and a proven approach for systematically addressing the underlying bottlenecks, errors, and rework. Managers are better off engaging experts to lead their team in transforming and standardizing the targeted processes than trying to drive process improvements with internal resources which are likely inexperienced, resistant and already over-allocated. Listed below are high-level descriptions of the kinds of issues reported by some of our clients. Do any of these sound familiar? Schedule An Introductory Call We still rely on inefficient paper-based processes. It is hard to believe that many companies still rely heavily on paper to manage core business processes. Usually, there are so-called "perfectly good reasons for doing so," but few are legitimate. The wasted effort in these organizations borders on criminal. Even basic Excel-based tracking solutions can seem like light years ahead of existing paper-based processes. Learn More... Employees rely on tribal knowledge to get the job done In some companies, particularly within their support functions, standardized processes do not exist. Employees rely heavily on tribal knowledge to get the work done, and employees have their own way of doing things. Best practices are ignored, and waste, error, and rework abound. performance metrics are absent. and these functions can be very difficult to manage. Learn More... I spend all my time fixing someone else's errors Few people enjoy fixing their own mistakes, and almost no one enjoys checking and correcting the work of others. But alas, error and rework rates in many business functions are often very high. Employees resist standardized processes citing that they are professionals and need latitude to get the job done. In such cases, the introduction of best practices and objective performance metrics can help managers turn things around. Learn More... We don't even follow our own SOPs New managers are often dismayed to hear that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are inadequate or, in some cases, nonexistent. Both situations are bad but not nearly as troubling as when employees ignore published SOPs. In such cases, particularly in highly regulated environments, it is only a matter of time before "things go pear-shaped." Learn More... Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can be successfully applied to diagnose and address even the most complicated process challenges. The trick is knowing how and when to leverage the various tools and techniques most effectively. A traditional, full-blown Six Sigma deployment is NOT required to realize significant benefits. Let one of our Transformation Advisors guide you in leverage disciplined process improvement strategies and techniques that will work within your specific organization. Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Meeting Facilitation | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    FACILITATION SOLUTIONS Active Participation Facilitating critical business meetings while simultaneously engaged as an active participant is a recipe for disaster. It is tough to play both roles effectively without unduly influencing discussions, decisions, and outcomes. That is where we come in. Our professional facilitators leverage their extensive business, communication, and interpersonal skills to ensure success. Whether focused on Strategic Planning , Functional Planning, Goal Setting, Governance, Project Portfolio Review, or Process Improvement meetings, our turn-key solutions ensure active participation, sound decision making, and clear, actionable outcomes. ​ Are you ready to engage a Professional Facilitator? ​ Schedule An Introductory Call

  • Management Consulting Solutions | Transformation Associates, Inc.

    CONSULTING SOLUTIONS Transformation Consulting Executives typically follow a standard process when defining their vision, strategy, operational priorities, and organizational structure. The approach is adequate most of the time. However, there are times when transformational change - challenging the very fabric of the business or a functional area - is required to ensure its future viability. Often, these changes are dramatic and can be extremely disruptive if not managed effectively. ​ Our pragmatic, no-nonsense Transformation Advisors skillfully guide executives in understanding and addressing their critical business challenges head-on. ​ Whether focused on business strategy, organizational design, operational planning, capabilities development, workflow design, or process management, we provide the consulting and execution support necessary to realize the benefits of transformational change. Schedule An Introductory Call

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